Friday, November 25, 2016

This short little film has inspired me today to add a new healing modality to my life. I have always loved the forest. I am most at peace & feel the closest to the Creator when I am walking through one. Some of the most significant & spiritual moments in my life have happened in a forest or with trees. That is one of the main reasons I moved back to the PNW & chose this area to live in. I can't even explain how I feel EVERY time I enter the Olympic National Rain forest boundary. (Which is at least 3 times a week & it happens every time...) I want to add this or make it a part of my life on a more regular basis. Like a devotion or meditation. I am going to document & share my experiences along the trails with you here. So please stay tuned to the sharing of part of my journey here on my Blog. I will also occasionally invite friends to join me on these walks in the woods for some Forest Healing. Please feel free to message me if you would be interested in joining me for some Healing in the Forest over the next year.